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I am the voice of various television productions, part of the WDR Stimmwerk and an announcer for Deutschlandfunk. I work in dubbing TV series and films and narrating documentaries. You can also hear me as the station voice for the radio station NOXX. And for all those who love movies: I am the host of the podcast filmliebe.


I was born in 1978 in Duisburg, Germany. After high school I studied Applied Media and Communication Science, was a trainee and editor at Radio Duisburg and completed a one-year voice acting training at the Schule des Sprechens in Vienna. I was a news reporter for Radio NRW, as well as an editor for WDR Studio D├╝sseldorf where I later continued as a freelance radio presenter.

Alongside my work I have been attending the Entertainment Masterclass and the Non-Fiction Masterclass at the International Film School Cologne.


Never stop Learning. Additional voice training.

2021 Regina M├╝nch (Voice coaching) | 2017-2018 Antje Wei├č (Voice training)| 2012-2013 Ien B├Ąumler (Voice training) | 2012 Klaus Terhoeven (Dubbing) | 2011 Karl Waldsch├╝tz (Dubbing) | 2009 Andreas Pollak (Dubbing) | 2008 Roland H├╝ve (Dubbing) | 2008 Casey Dinsing (Voice coaching) | 2008 Reinhard Pede (Narration) | 2007 Volker Gerth (Dubbing) | 2007 Andreas Bursche (Moderation) | 2007 Reinhard Pede (News)


My microphone is the excellent Brauner Phantera. It is made of high-quality components that create a unique and rich sound. The signal only passes through the RME Fireface 400 ÔÇô for pure and real sound. The recordings take place in a Desone soundproof booth.

I have an active SessionLinkPro account, through which you can direct and video record me. Of course, I am also very happy to personally come to you or to a studio of your choice.



Stefan Naas


Voice actor | D├╝sseldorf